The pictures series aims at celebrating the diversity of bodies. It depicts how people see and feel within their body. Each picture has a quotation: the first thing the model said when he or she saw his or her picture. It can be very harsh. Most of the time the models comment with humour and try to keep a distance with their image.The project’s name « Dos à nu » is a combination of two French expressions: « dos nu » means « nacked back » and « se se mettre à nu » means « lay yourself bare ». This project composed of more than twenty pictures of bodies in black and white. Each person accepted to show a vulnerable side of themselves, the part they never see. They are back to us, power-less,

they can’t see what you see. When you walk in the streets, you can see big ads with men and women perfectly fit, promoting the last diet or a new fashion brand. These people are like everyone. The difference is that brands ask them to have unnatural behaviours and postures. Companies sell products by using sexualized bodies. It leads society to compare their body with something which doesn’t exist in their daily life. The body we are using shouldn’t need to be perfect to be loved, they are not products. These pictures aim to show the difference between how people see themself and how we see them. They see themselves through an unnatural norm. 

We are all singular and beautiful. The important thing in this project is more the process than the final images. Shooting after shooting, many models surprised me. One of them said to me : «It’s time to do something, to talk about body positive», another one asked me :« can you show I am fat? Don’t use an angle that does not show how I really am, I want to be me ». Some models after the shooting thank me because they felt beautiful. The series’ major issue is to develop a new sensitivity and way of thinking about bodies in general. They all look so different and similar at the same time. It could be me, or you.

Pas mal, je tiens plus de ma mère au niveau morphologique et souplesse.
Not bad, I get more my morphology and flexibility from my mother.

Par rapport à il y a deux ans mon corps a changé.
In two years my body changed.

Ah ouais on voit vraiment la trace du maillot !
Wow we can really see the mark of the swimsuit!

Je pensais ressembler à un léopard avec mon dos, mais en vrai on sent que c’est un dos brut.
I thought I looked like a leopard, but we can feel it’s a raw back.

Putain j’ai même des fossettes dans le dos. J’ai des plis partout. C’est pas du tout féminin comme dos. 
Oh my god I even have dimples in my back. I have wrinkle everywhere. My back is not feminine at all.

Il y a vraiment le côté émotion, la plupart du temps on veut juste mes tatouages.
There really is the emotions side, most of the time people just shoot my tattoos.

Heureusement qu’il y a mes cheveux putains.
Damn I am lucky to have hair.

J’ai une fesse qui est plus affaissée que l’autre.
One of my buttock is more sinked than the other.

Finalement je suis moins poilu que ce que je pensais. 
Finally I am less hairy than I thought.

Ah ouais j’adore, ah c’est trop beau. ça fait une belle forme.
Oh I love it, it’s so beautiful. It makes a beautiful shape.

J’ai envie de dire que le type est fou.
I just want to say this guy is crazy.

C’est plat.
It’s flat.

On dirait un gros vermisseau.
It looks like a big wormling.

J’ai pris un coup de soleil sur les épaules. je suis plus haut du dos.
I got sunburned. My back is higher.

On m’a rajouté trois vertèbres. Je suis rachitique du dos.
It looks like someone added three verterbrae. My back is scrawny.

Je pensais que ça serait pire. Il est pas mal mon tatouage en fait.
I thought it was worse. My tattoo is not that bad, actually.

Waouh, c’est joli, j’suis pas mal. j’suis carré quand même.
Wow, it’s beautiful, I am quite nice. I am very broad.

Me retrouver dans un cocon.
Meeting myself in a cocoon.

Ben c’est bien ce que je disais, c’est moche un cul assis.
As I said, it’s ugly, a seated arse.

Je ressemble à un patapouf.
I look like a big fat lump.

ça fait très sculpture c’est rigolo.
It’s funny it looks like a sculpture.

Je ne savais pas que j’avais une colonne vertébrale comme ça. On m’a dit qu’elle n’était pas droite. J’ai des muscles dans le dos, on voit que j’ai fait du sport. C’est marrant on se découvre c’est drôle.
I didn’t know my backbone is like that. They told me it wasn’t straight. I have muscles in my back, we can see I did sport. It’s funny to discover ourself.

Wahou, je me trouve pas très beau. Je ne pensais pas que l’on voyait autant la marque dans le dos. Putain je suis grave poilu.
Wow, I am not quite beautiful. I didn’t think we see that much the mark in my back. I am so fucking hairy.

C’est vraiment bizarre, on ne se voit jamais de dos. Il y a un dégradé avec les bras bronzés et le cul vraiment blanc.
It’s so strange. We never see our own back. There is a gradation from my tanned arms to my white arse.