If you have a dreamer soul, if the words “imagination” and “fantasy” excite you, if the best moment of your life was when you watched the long version of the Lord of the Rings, then this fair is made for you. If you go to this fair, you will lose twenty years in age. You will also win three books, a dedication, and six board games. At this place, you could finally wear your favourite elf costume. So, what do you say?

The Fantasy Fair is a small fair organised by only about thirty volunteers. On the day many volunteers are added to this number. In fact, you don’t need to be a large team to organise a fair. You just need to be very passionate. I saw them at meetings, I can tell you that they are! To photograph this event, we were a strong team of eight photographers, all in love with fantasy culture. It was a real pleasure to work for them!

It’s this way to know more about them