Crée ton avenir

Offer youth a better future

Crée ton Avenir !!! France is a five year old nonprofit french organisation. Approximately eighteen people work there. They all have the same goal: help youth find their dream profession/job.

“What a big mission for such little dreamers!” you may think (yes, I can hear your thoughts).

And you are quite right. If the perfect recipe existed, we wouldn’t have to think about professionnal integration. We all have this thirty year old friend who doesn’t know what to do with his life. He has a job, is a nice guy and can make really good jokes, but he is a little bit lost and anxious about his future.

Crée ton avenir !!! France tries to prevent this kind of unhapinness by raising professional awareness. The organisation demonstrates to kids that they already have skills and talents even without work experience (communication, organization, determination, initiative, creativity…). All the programs are free and accessible to children, schools and families.

How did I meet them? One year ago, I was looking for a useful job in the professional integration sector. You know how you can have a crush on someone ? I had it on this organization. So I worked for them (I mean, I worked for the children) as a psychologist and the organisation’s representative. These organisation’s activities had amazing impact, but they were totally unknown. They should have been already famous by now!
So, as I was working for them, I decided to create this video and pictures to promote their beautiful work. And who could better talk about the organization than the children? The kids in the video accepted to be interviewed by me and answered sponteanously. They all are from the suburbs of Paris in France. Despite the time I spent working on the video, I still smile and laugh when I see it. I still remember each one. Actually, I think they have taught me more than I taught them…

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