A creative and authentic
non-profit organisation

There are around thirty passionate volunteers. A curious retired worker, an amused kid, an inventful teenager… this multi-generational group has a thousand and one skills. They are here to be walk-on actors, dancers, stage managers, decorators, organisers… They can laugh while being focused, they are patient between each other, they know how to be flexible in case of a mishap.

The goal of this show in particular was to decorate for an ephemeral moment the city of Morêt-sur-Loing. For twenty minutes, in a biting cold December, the old city centre woke up hearing the music and feeling unexpected lights on its walls. We could see two kind of spectators : those who booked the date several weeks ago, and those who stopped while passing and decided to take a break in their daily life to let themself go in the beauty of the event.

Anyway, this awesome team is not going to stop after this show. Already many projects are planned!

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