Being professional while being creative


Lilimaginaire helps and supports SSE projects
by proposing image consulting, redaction of articles and photography

Lilimaginaire’s photography

We are several billion people on Earth. Each person has his or her own way of seeing things. A picture is not THE reality, but A reality. A chosen reality. Photography is a perspective, a story, an adventure. It’s the opportunity to interpret endlessly a limited world. Today, photography allows me to meet and create images that stimulate people’s imagination.

What do I like the best when I shoot photography? People. Making them smile. Surprising them when they are truly authentic. I like to chat for a while before a shooting. I get to know the person, just enough to make the subject feel comfortable.

Lilimaginaire’s identity

Lilimaginaire was created in september 2017. Why Lilimaginaire? Lili is my nickname, and “Imaginaire” (“imagination” in French) is my driving force. I am a creativity machine which couldn’t work without my imagination.

Specialised in SSE projects, Lilimaginaire creates coherent universes with the purpose of making them known to the public. The projects can be as diverse as helping people in need, sustainable environment, art in general, culture, concerts, entertainment, music… It doesn’t matter if the project is at the starting point of an idea, or if it has already been launched. As you can see, each project I work on is integrated in my portfolio and published on social networks.

Being professional while being creative

I am convinced that it is possible to keep one’s creativity going, while being professional. That is why in this website, you can see my personal projects and adventures. Showing you both professional and personal projects is a choice I have made. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to distinguish between them, because they work hand in hand. In sharing my creations with you, I show you a part of myself, of my intimacy. I need my bubble, as it allows me to create for other people.

Lilimaginaire’s equipment

As a devoted photographer, I am in love with equipment. Currently I shoot and film with the SONY Alpha7II. I chose mirrorless cameras for two reasons :

• Because of its light weight. I travel a lot and camera equipment can be quite heavy.

• Because of its discretion. A less imposing camera allows me to be fade quickly into the background, when I’m shooting street photography or an event. People get more comfortable with me, and the photographs are more natural and unposed.

I use a prime lens (a 55mm and 35mmf/1,8). I love the bokeh and sharpness they give. Above all, I like the challenge of a prime lens. They don’t move for you, you have to move by yourself and be creative. Sometimes you can find awesome angles just by chance.

The past months I also had fun using the cheap yellow Kodak camera.

Lili’s story

Since I was little, I have always been curious about my environment, on my travels and in my encounters with other people. I truly realised this when I was eight years old. My mum bought me one of those famous Kodak disposable cameras. Have you ever tried one? This kind of camera gives you thirty chances to immortalise your family trip to DisneyLand Paris. You had no way of telling if the picture was going to be good or not. Most of the time, you thought your pictures were awesome. I used to be very disappointed with mine. However, I still remember the feeling when I disappeared behind the lens! Each time I rolled the thumbwheel, I could finally show what I was seeing. From this time on, I spent most of my youth photographing everything. I became the reporter for school trips and costume parties. Sometimes outside with friends, sometimes inside in my imaginary microcosm. I cut, paste, wrote and created. I never stopped.

This is how, along with my passion for meeting new people, photographing and writing, I decided to go to university. I studied clinical psychology for five years. After that, I worked for different nonprofit organisations and set aside my job as a psychologist in order to improve my communication skills. Articles, videos and pictures… most of the organisations I met were in need of my creativity!

Meanwhile, my trips to other countries, my photo essays and my experience as a volunteer encouraged me to share and help more. I saw many people had amazing ideas and projects, but they struggled to get the attention they needed. They should have already been famous by now, but they didn’t know how to value themselves or their work.

My studies and conversations with people from diverse backgrounds made me think a lot about society and its evolution. In my opinion, the capitalist economy could be more humanised with the help of SSE organisations.

The conclusion came all by itself : a pen to convey, a camera to show, and a backpack to meet.

Well, I think I have said everything. I mean, you get the general idea. No? You want to know more about me and my work? And funnily enough, I want to know more about you too! Your ideas, your artwork, your projects. So, what are you waiting for? I can imagine you are saying to yourself in front of your computer (or smartphone, you are right): “well, it’s true, what am I waiting for? Let’s send her a message!”

Click here if you want talk to me. Can’t wait to meet you !

See you soon,

Your devoted Lili